GEN- Grupo de estudos Nietzsche

The Nietzsche Studies Group in Brazil (GEN) is an international research group that gathers Brazilian scholars of Nietzschean philosophy and, more recently, also French and Italian researchers. Founded by Scarlett Marton in 1996, GEN was originally linked to the Philosophy Department of University of São Paulo (USP). Spread throughout the country, from Ceara to Rio Grande do Sul, GEN continues to aim at advancing Nietzsche studies and, toward this goal, welcomes different interpretations of Nietzsche’s thought. Since 2016, it has been under the direction of Wilson Frezzatti.

As a pioneering initiative in South America, the Nietzsche Studies Group in Brazil intends to promulgate research on Nietzsche’s thought in our own country while nonetheless remaining well connected with the different international Nietzsche societies throughout the world. Accordingly, GEN acts on three different fronts: Cadernos Nietzsche (its academic journal), Coleção Sendas & Veredas (its book collection), and Encontros Nietzsche (its national and international conferences).

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